2006 Reconstruction at Hollybeach, Louisiana

Re-construction of homes 100% totally destroyed by Hurricane Rita has started. Although at present it appears to be more of a trailer city, with 99% of the resident's living in travel trailers.

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These pictures were taken September 2, 2006

View from the beach towards our lot. A camp and boat shed is underconstruction. This is our lot, view from the Blvd. Just finished using a weedeater. There is trash shell and sand that the Corp of Engineers placed on our property.
Uncle Dalton Gary and his son, Nephew Barney, setting up travel trailer prior to starting construction of new camp. Aunt Mable is in the camp, probably cleaning up after furnish us a very nice shrimp sandwich. The Gary's marking the footings for the new camp.

Traveled through Cameron, La. on the way back home. That town, the largest in Cameron Parish was totally devasted. Saw many trailers and new business and residential homes being built from scratch. Life is returning somewhat to normal. Saw this interesting new Parish Library with the sign "Library Open". This really says it all.. My wife, being a former Librarian, had to have this picture taken.