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All below was right with world until September 23, 2005, when Hurricane Rita came roaring through...

Click here to view what remained of this wonderful little Cajun Paradise after Hurricane Rita took its toll.  Now we must begin the rebuilding process for our children and grandchildren.

September 2006, the re-building effort has started somewhat. On one of our visits to we discovered that there were about one dozen travel trailers and 2 mobile homes on lots. There were 2 home partially completed and 1 under construction by my wife's uncle and nephew, Uncle Dalton and Barney. Click here to view photo's.

June 2007, the rebuilding effort has really commenced, but now notice the size of homes (camps) and the distance above ground that they are required to build to code. These pictures were taken by a cousin of our good friend Sara B. Click here to view photo's.

Hollybeach is located approximately 35 miles south from Interstate 10 in Sulphur, La. It is well known as the Cajun Riviera and is domicile to approximately 200 individuals. The population increases dramatically in the summer months, especially around the summer holidays.

This is a picture taken a years ago around 1970, with many family members. Wife, Veronica, had her cousins in the photo. We sure looked young then and had good times.

There is good fishing to be done in the salt water lakes near Hollybeach and in the Gulf of Mexico. Species of fish most sought after are Red Fish and Speckle Trout. Large Blue Point Crabs are available for catching in the canals that drain the marsh and lakes. These large crabs are a delicacy and we enjoy cooking them as shown below:

Being in Hollybeach is a wonderful time to have family time. The grandchildren especially enjoy the water recreations as shown below:
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Hollybeach with the Quads, Ethan and Shelley, May 28-29, 2005. Pictures say it all. They drank and tasted the saltwater and sand. They had fun. Ethan and Maddie enjoy each others company with Brian.

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